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For pictures of the we have received so far:

Ylvie de Klams and Emma Parkers facebook Albums (find them on facebook and make friends with them to see them!)

as well as Carlotte Fischer's CD.

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*the Summer conference of the YouthSection at the Goetheanum this year will have the form of a forum with the dynamic feel of a festival. A

*the focus will be on the young human being, as well as questions and topics he brings with him. What makes us work for a sustainable world? What thoughts arise during this work? What are themes, ideals, paradigms that are relevant in our time?

* aims to showcase the youth forces, the so-called youth impulse, that young people bring into this world.

* speaks to all generations and aims to reach out to young and older people beyond anthroposophical and national circles. With a versatile program, offers you both choices, a weekend-event as well as a 5-day experience.